PocDoc® Academy

We know how important it is to have good first aid training. Our goal is to spread first aid knowledge. First aid skills can often make the difference between life and death. In an emergency, every second counts.

For this reason, we work with PRIMEROS to share our knowledge in the field of life-saving first aid so that we can create a safer world together!

How do we help others?

PRIMEROS has set itself the goal of training more than a million lifesavers in the next few years! Because everyone can and should learn first aid.
Everyone should feel safe enough to provide first aid in an emergency. Only in this way can we together make a life-saving difference for a colleague, family member or stranger. This is the philosophy we act by and we give this feeling home to every student.

We equip you with theoretical and practical skills so that you dare to act on the day of the situation.

When innovators work together


Check out the video to see what brought PocDoc® and PRIMEROS together.

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Tailored to your needs

PRIMEROS specializes in offering tailor-made first aid courses tailored to various industries. We therefore guarantee that the first aid course is designed in such a way that it reflects the risks to which laypeople or employees may be exposed in specific situations.

We take care of your company

The best learning is achieved when theory and practice are combined. That is why we come to your company with all teaching materials, dolls and defibrillators. Our first aid courses are both theoretical and practical exercises in which you apply different techniques to each other and to our first aid dolls.

At PRIMEROS, your employees can expect basic and advanced training in tested and proven quality, using the latest didactic teaching methods. If checked, PRIMEROS courses are recognized as proof for your first aiders without any problems. We can bill most of the courses through the BG or the UK – this means that you often have no costs for our courses. You can come to us or we can come to you – whichever is more convenient for you.

For registrations, your wishes and further information, simply contact us.

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