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PocDoc® System

How long ago was your last first aid course?

Would you be able to provide first aid?

The PocDoc®-System was designed in a way that in an emergency the first responder is taken by the hand and guided to the correct treatment. Every single step of the treatment is explained in short precise sentences and understandable pictures by the PocDoc® App. Further, components necessary for the respective treatment step are indicated in their position inside the PocDoc® First Aid Kit.  This enables a quick location and thus a smooth and stress-free treatment process. The app contains over 300 individual treatment steps, ranging from treating bleeding to correct action in the event of breathing failure. 

PocDoc® App

Simple application!

Each treatment step is explained individually using the PocDoc® app, in short, concise sentences and clear pictures.

Position display of the dressing materials

The components required for the respective treatment step are shown in the PocDoc® first aid kit with the corresponding position to make it easier to find them quickly.


The app contains over 300 individual treatment steps, ranging from treating bleeding to correct action in the event of breathing failure.

The PocDoc® app is multilingual

The PocDoc app is available in 13 national languages- the languages ​​can be changed directly in the app. It is an offline app so that no internet is required in an emergency.

For the whole family!

The treatment of infants, toddlers and adults is easily possible and explained in detail. Dogs and cats can also be treated with PocDoc® Outdoor / Pet!

Emergency button

A permanently visible button leads to the emergency protocol if the patient should lose consciousness during treatment.


The PocDoc® first aid kits are made of high quality material, such as EVA foam. All materials are placed in the first-aid kit in such a way that the required materials can be found quickly. Generously dimensioned compartments allow the content to be expanded with your own components (e.g. clinical thermometer).

Contents according to DIN 13167 (motorcycle first aid kit), plus wound cleaning tissues, splinter and tick tweezers.

Contents according to DIN 13164 (vehicle first aid kit), plus immediate cold compress, wound cleaning tissues and splinter tweezers.

Contents according to DIN 13157 (company first aid kit), plus wound cleaning tissues, splinter tweezers and resuscitation cloth.

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Own PocDoc® version

... With PocDoc® you have the right material available in the event of an accident and you will be guided step-by-step through the first aid via the previously installed app. The app even shows you where the material is in the PocDoc® case. So you can reliably provide first aid even under stress ... (touringshop issue no.10, October 2020)
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A current ADAC survey shows: "65% would find a first aid app on their smartphone interesting to bring their knowledge up to date."


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