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The previous problem
Lack of knowledge about first aid measures

The basic problem is that most people do not know how to properly handle injuries in an emergency or how to react and help correctly in certain emergency situations.

The inexperienced first aid worker usually feels helpless, left alone and overwhelmed in an emergency! In addition, there is the nervous strain of an extreme situation.
To make matters worse, the exact contents of a first-aid kit are not known to most. You don’t know what you will find in it, which materials are not included and you have to laboriously search through the chaos until you have found the right component.

The last first aid course was usually years ago. In addition, most people are not familiar with the classification of their first-aid kit, which makes it difficult to find the materials quickly and often wastes valuable time.

Due to the lack of knowledge, the fear of making mistakes is high. This fact often prevents people from providing immediate help. This time can be essential for survival in an emergency.
The motto here is often “it is better to do nothing before doing something wrong”. In first aid, however, the following applies: “It is better to do something possibly wrong before standing by idly”.

Lots of viewers, little knowledge? And that when things have to be done really quickly. Excessive demands can quickly become a decisive factor in stressful situations.

When opening a first-aid kit, the numerous materials often flood towards you. But which dressing is the right one for which treatment and where exactly can I find it?


Our solution: PocDoc®!

The idea

The first aid kit has not seen any changes for years. Yet hardly anyone knows its content. As a result, first aiders are often unable to provide the right treatment.

We, the Innotas AG team, want to change that!

Our goal is to provide the user with bundled knowledge that is presented in an easily understandable and quickly accessible format.
The motto is targeted, simple and fast.

The implementation

We have created a system which, thanks to the perfect symbiosis between first aid kit and app, offers an efficient and realistic option for initial treatment.

The PocDoc® app instructs the first aiders on how to carry out the first aid correctly. Where the required materials can be found in the first aid kit is shown visually on the screen.

Bundled knowledge as a constant companion in the pocket enables inexperienced first aiders to correctly provide those affected with the contents of the first-aid kit in an emergency situation.

Process PocDoc®


Acquire PocDoc® first aid kit and PocDoc® First aid app on all Install devices.


In an emergency, the will guide you App about simple questions for proper treatment.


Every step is with Application images and brief instructions described.


The app shows exactly where the components in First aid kit!


At home, in the car, on the go or at work - there is the right PocDoc® model for every situation in life -


PocDoc® makes it possible every layperson without Previous knowledge, first aid activities perform!

frequently asked Questions

Do you want to know more? Then write to us. We usually reply on the same day.

No! The PocDoc® system is intended as a support for first aid, but does not replace a doctor or rescue workers. It should stand by inexperienced helpers until the specialists arrive or can be visited.

The PocDoc® system does not cover all first aid cases! We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the app before an emergency. Although most first aid cases are covered, croup, motorcycle helmet removal and fever, for example, are not included.

Yes! In an emergency, the app can also be used as a treatment guide without the PocDoc first aid kit. However, it is recommended to use the associated PocDoc first aid kit, as this is the only way to ensure the best possible care.

The app is available for free download in the AppStore & GooglePlay Store.

The app is self-explanatory, intuitive and guides you through specific questions about the desired treatment. In addition, the app shows the positions of the required materials in the first-aid kit visually on the screen.

Yes! Resuscitation measures for infants, children and adults are explained according to the latest standard. In addition, the required printing frequency is indicated by a tone.

The PocDoc app offers a wide range of different treatments. All types of bleeding, heat and cold injuries, fractures, stitches, chemical burns and poisoning are covered. There are also various types of emergency situations such as Shortness of breath.

Yes! The PocDoc Premium first aid kit content corresponds to DIN 13164. This fulfills the criteria that are placed on a vehicle first aid kit.

In this case, every PocDoc first aid kit contains classic instructions that can also be found in other first aid kits.

In conventional first-aid kits, no logical positioning of the individual components can usually be recognized. This makes it unnecessarily difficult to find the required materials. The PocDoc first aid kit is clearly structured, easy to understand and marked in color. This significantly improves handling in situations where speed is a decisive factor. The PocDoc app is a constant companion that helps to provide the best possible care, even without experience.

PocDoc is for everyone!

For most of them, the first aid course was some time ago. Thus, PocDoc can become the companion of every family member, friend or simply a helping passer-by.

The use of the iOS and Android app is completely free. Neither the download nor the use is chargeable.

The dressing materials usually have a shelf life of 5 years. In rare cases this shelf life is less than 5 years.


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